Reflective Essay On Floor Plan

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Taking Action
I created a building model that consists of a warm tone theme to show my passion towards art and expressing my feelings towards life. There’s part where the yellow and red is covered with darker browns to show the obstacles in life but the green ground represents hope in the future. Along with the building model, I also designed a floor plan to show what it might looks like inside the model. The floor plan was first drawn with pencil and later outlined it with black marker to enhance the streak of the structure. On the side of the floor plan, I wrote my thoughts about the designs and the color that I should use for my design. I also designed the outside structure of the model, I chose to use the traditional triangular shaped roof
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My creation, which is the building model was a part of the personal and cultural expression, and it clearly reflected my expression and thoughts, this not only allowed me to experience architecture but also allows me to express myself through the process of creating it. I chose to express the my learning through the creation of a building model and design a floor plan, because I found that this is the most reasonable way for me to experience new career and find interest in it. The floor plan is an imagination of the inside building model that I created. My product does not only consist of my own design which reflects my self-expression, I also used elements around the world to blend it with my own design which shows other perspectives. In the beginning of the project, I was able to demonstrate a communication and social skill, but I won't consider it to be successful due to lacks of common interests. During this project, I was able to communicate and demonstrate my communication and social skills and improve on it by asking questions to people who picked out similar topics with me and discuss about how to achieve a better product. Throughout the discussion, I learned a lot about other people’s perspective on this project and what I think is a …show more content…
It is colorful and have a warm colored tone which is what I personally liked and I applied it to the product to express my personalities. The elements is visible and easily seen through the product, but there’s also some obstacles that I faced when doing the project. Throughout this project, I realized that the materials that I chose may not be the best that I can think of, due to the hardness and easier for coloring, I chose cardboard instead of foam board, but then I realized when I am working with it, the cardboard is a little bit too thick for a building model and because of it’s dark brown color of the cardboard itself, the warm tone color that I picked out cannot fully cover the brown color so I have to color the model three times to achieve the full coverage. In addition to that, because of the hardness of the cardboard, using scissors will make the edge of the cardboard seems messy, so I used a paper knife to cut everything out. After I experienced with architecture, there’s a possible potential that I may develop in this career, I learned new artistic skills such as new ways to sketch and techniques to color the model after building it. I learned that the foundation of a building must be deep for it to stand up and not easily destroy or fall down, because I used a lot of glue when putting my building together and especially the base, so know that the

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