Reflective Essay On Writing 101

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Writing 101, also known as First Year Writing, was my first introduction to rhetorical analysis in literature, writing, and reading. Through this class, I have achieved and learned a series of lessons and have obtained many objectives of the course. As well as achieving many of the goals and objectives, I have also come to realize what is essential to keep with me as I grow toward success in the future. Writing 101 has not only taught me about rhetorical analysis, but in addition has implemented strategies that allow me continue to develop into a better reader, writer, and analyzer. Through this course, I have been given a foundation that will lead me to further success in my future. Looking back at the course’s goals and objectives now, I see the importance and significance that each of them play within the class. Although, now completing the course in its entirety, I believe that the most relevant goal of the three outlined in the course goals and learning objects is goal two. Goal two states “Upon completion of this course, students will be able to understand the rhetorical …show more content…
The ability to analyze rhetoric is one of the main skills we work towards throughout the semester. I truly believe that this goal further developed me as a writing because it has taught me how to draw clearer conclusions and have deeper perspectives on readings. Through this, I have been able to examine text and content using strategies and methods I have learned in the course. By doing so, this further allowed me to go deeper in my own thoughts and be more descriptive and analytical in my writing as well. This later, created me to have a purpose, an audience in mind, and a type of rhetorical strategy as well. By analyzing others do it, then executing it myself, I believe it only strengthened my writing and reading skills

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