Process Essay: The Influence Of Twitter

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Twitter is one of the online social networking services where users may post and read short “tweets”. These tweets are 140 character sentences or words in which you post something you want to say. On Twitter user can find out the latest news, politics, and sports information, follow your favorite celebrities and connect with family and friends. This makes it easy to see what they are doing and also to learn new information about the person. You can also follow, re-tweet, search, comment and like. Twitter is the fourth most popular social networking site just trailing behind Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. As stated in the article Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites and 10 Apps, Twitter has an estimated amount of 313,000,000 monthly …show more content…
During these two weeks I found that I reconnected with some old friends, read tweets from news outlets and learned information about famous people who I like. I also began to build new relationships with people who I have never connected with before. During my two weeks of using Twitter, I was able to express how I was feeling at the time being. For example, if I were out getting coffee, I would tweet a picture of my coffee and show everyone what I was doing at that exact moment. Also, I tweeted how I was feeling at certain moments, for example, if I were getting frustrated with my papers, I would tweet out my feelings to others. I also re-tweeted I thought were interesting. I found that I re-tweeted and liked what pertains most to my life. This gives people who view my account how I feel about certain topics or gives them an idea of the things I like. I followed many people who I can relate to and also people I found an interest in. Twitter had opened me up to looking at the news outlets and being aware of what is going on in the world, especially during this past presidential election, where I would tweet out my positions and my thoughts on the two candidates. Throughout this experience I have gained many new relationships that I never thought I would have. I have built many interactions online that could not be possible in person. For example I love the bachelor/bachelorette couple Ben and Lauren and I have followed them on Twitter during this experience and they have tweeted back at me a few times. This would not be possible to ever talk or meet them in person because they live all the way in California and the chances would be slim to none for me to ever get a chance to meet them face-to-face. Also, I have found that I built relationships within my own community via Twitter and tweeting that I have never had a connection with in person. I have built connections with these

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