Reflective Essay On Distance Learning

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To become truly engaged and to be able to actually learn to a higher level as students we must take a much more serious and active role. Reading information directed by the course professors is a great start but it is not the whole story and will rarely lead to a compelling case or any growth, it is because of this we must take more responsibility for our own learning and growth, especially with distance learning.
They key aspects of learning at a university level, especially on a distance course are being:
Intrinsically motivated
Active learner
These ideas come together to create a student who will work hard in all aspects of the course, but what are these areas? Being a self-directed learner means the student is able to look
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Secondly I also work generally rather well to deadlines and the pressure of a looming deadline does not often phase me.
Some weaknesses I must overcome are, firstly with a distance learning course there is always the notion of out of sight out of mind and because it is not so direct this may allow me to slip into bad habits and not be as engaged as I could otherwise be. A second issue may be ensuring I keep focused on the bigger picture and look past the boring topics, instead of writing them off take a direct approach and get myself into good habits early on and ensure I stick to a schedule for my learning.
In this coming year I will endeavour to look into forming five strategies which will help me grow and keep me on track with all my learning. They will
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Login every day – It is easy to forget about things buried under a wall of tabs but I will endeavour to log on and at least look around and keep myself abreast of everything on a daily basis.
3. Don’t just do the minimum – when areas direct at reading material or areas to research I will use those as a starting point and follow the breadcrumbs using the internet and library to research the topic in greater detail.
4. Not to leave things until the last minute – Although I generally try and get things done early sometimes I can leave things until the last possible minute and it has come back to bite me. It is best to get sorted ahead of time and allow for a buffer period in case of issues.
5. Don’t just keep up, work ahead – I will also aim over the year to not only keep my head above water but to actively push forward and try to get the jump on topics. Although the plans are released weekly the course information can provide extra insight as to what is coming up and reading into these areas.
Most of my growth goals are quantifiable so I will keep the list handy and check it every month to ensure I am moving in a positive direction towards what goals I have set for myself. This will allow me to judge how far I have come and how far I still have to go.
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