Reflective Essay On Student Discipline

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I like the quote I read in the book Discipline with Dignity, “Effective discipline does not come from the quick mastery of techniques or the implementation of a packaged method” (pg41). I believe that effectively fixing issues dealing with discipline and faculty issues and maintaining an effective learning environment takes time and patience. Upon analysis of my school’s survey results, I believe that our school overall has a pretty effectively run discipline program and an environment conductive to a successful learning environment. The teachers on the staff are happy working there, the students enjoy school and the relationship between the administration and teachers is very strong. One area I would work on to improve even more however, …show more content…
The author discusses different character roles that the leaders should play in effectively helping to shape a positive culture in the school. A couple roles I feel is important to undertake is the symbol, potter and the poet. In the symbol role, I will have to remember that every little thing I do will be watched by both students, staff and the community. In dealing with discipline issues, it is important for me to reinforce the standards and expectations for discipline that the students, staff and myself have developed. I will work at reinforcing my teachers as I now it’s important for teachers to feel supported by their principal. Research has shown that if the teachers feel that the principal is on board with them, that the teachers are not alone on reinforcing discipline, that the school climate will greatly improve. I understand that walking through the hallways and being seen during class changes is an important job for an administrator to undertake as the presence of an administrator has been shown to help reduce discipline problems in schools as well as show the students that discipline is important to the administration as well as to teachers. As a potter, it’s important for me in setting the school climate, to mold the values of the school as well …show more content…
I have learned that leaders need to be visible and model the desired behaviors that the school is expecting from its students. I need to reinforce to my teachers that I support them in the classroom as long as it is legal and treats the kids with dignity and respect. I need to create an environment in which teachers feel comfortable in asking for help, sharing input and suggestions as well as reinforcing to all my staff that I value each ones’ input and no one has the right to dominate policies or discussions. I will have to work on communication as a leader, both expressing my expectations to my staff as well as listening. I need to be able to listen to the concerns and suggestions from both my students, parents and staff. Research shows that effective leadership does not occur from top down, rather through a collaborative approach. I have learned that consistency is important as a staff, and that as future leader it is vital for me to make sure our agreed upon expectations are clear and effectively communicated throughout the school. I need to model the values as a school we deem important and work at reinforcing my students and staff in creating a positive and nurturing

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