A Narrative Essay About A Day In The Restroom

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Really, I can do it! I never believe that there is a day when a timid person like me dare stand up to protect myself in front of others. Three years ago, I decided to move to the United States with my husband and my son. Three months after, I realized that my broken English prevented me from communicating with people around me and from adapting myself to this new, challenging environment. Therefore, I got up my nerve and enrolled in a free English class for non-native English speakers in an educational center in my neighborhood. This was really an unforgettable time in my life that caused me to experience new studying environment, to bear teases due to my Asian accent, and to enforce my pride of being an Asian. (6)(7)(8)
Actually, I used to
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When there were just three of us standing a corner of the campus, I told my classmates that I heard what they said about me the day before in the restroom. At first, they stared at me as if they were completely innocent, strongly denied my accusation, and then aggressively blamed me for making up the whole story. But right after I repeated their every single word without any hesitation, they were finally sorry for what they had done to me. I explained to my classmates that there was nothing wrong to be born with an Asian accent, that we were all English leaners, so why we had to say bad words about each other instead of helping one other, and that we all came here in order to carry out our American dreams, so please stopped hurting others’ feelings. When I finished what I wanted to tell them, I walked away with my heart thumping wildly without caring whether my classmates would talk to me after this incident or not. There was an excited emotion that I never experienced in my life, and I could hardly find any words to describe it exactly and vividly. I just knew that I was very proud of being an Asian, that I would continue to practice speaking English with others despite of my funny accent, and that from now on, I learnt a lesson to stand up to protect what I believed

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