Reflective Essay : Effective Reflective Practice

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Loughran, J. (2002). Effective Reflective Practice; In search of meaning in learning about teaching.
This article discusses the importance of reflective practice as a way for teachers to gain valuable insight and knowledge about their teaching practice. Experience without reflection does not lead to learning and improving professional practice. However, through effective reflection a teacher can move from problematizing an experience or justifying a response to focussing on learning from the experience and improving professional practice. It is only through reflection that the teacher can view the learning context from a variety of viewpoints. Once new understanding is gained it can then be applied to practice. Experiencing professional growth as a result of effective reflection will inspire the teacher to continue using reflection as a valuable tool for professional development.

Anderson, K. M. (2007). Differentiating Instruction to include all Students.
Differentiation involves adapting teaching and learning so that all students can participate in learning. Differentiation recognises that students are different and have different learning needs. Data, including information about the student’s background, family structure, interests and readiness to learn, is collected and used to create a student profile. This data is then used to make adaptions to learning experiences to ensure that all students achieve the identified learning outcomes. At the heart of…

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