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Did you know that in the course of one fall semester you can see the leaves change from a vibrant green, to a multitude of colors before they fell to the ground? In English 202 I have watched the seasons change as the semester passed. When signing up for a course as a transfer you don’t quite always know what you are getting into. Consequently, this led to me being blindsided the moment I walked into English and had to get back into the swing of things. At the beginning of the semester it seemed like it would be easy, however I learned quickly that it wasn’t going to get easier, and while though out the semester I improved in my writing on my essays, it wasn’t without its struggles. While my grade does not reflect the struggles that this class …show more content…
Without looking up the class, I had made assumptions that it would be like any other English class I have taken so far. Where you read a book and write about it, however the first day that I walked in, all these theories bombarded me, leaving me feeling utterly lost, not having previously known that there were theories in English. Even though the rigor of this class has challenged my patience at times when trying to learn all these new theories and understand what was going …show more content…
During the beginning part of the semester; feeling hopeful as many would at the start of something new, we first took on New Criticism. This gave me a false hope for what was to come in the rest of the semester. Up until getting that first essay grade back, I believed I had done well until I saw all of the comments. In my first essay “Desolate London: The Use of Rhyme, Repetition, And Imagery In Blake’s London.” I came to the realization that I was a bit rusty at writing papers, and could botch MLA format for example, comments on my essay from the TA Mike, included “Capitalize” when referencing the title “Spacing” with the header and “use MLA standard in text citation. Furthermore, there was a lot of passive voice, and or ‘awkwardly phrased’ sentences in my work, an example is a comment by Dr. Clermont “Paper rater will show you where the passive voice…” With this first essay put away, I knew that my work was cut out for me in the rest of the semester to turn in better papers. Despite these critiques, there was a strength; I could take context from a poem and apply it to a theory. Never the less this strength was going to be continuously cultivated over the course of the semester. However, it was this first essay that made me weary of the rest of the semester and what was to come if I couldn’t grasp a simple essay. At first I wasn’t quite sure what the problem was, after a little anger and wanting to

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