Reflective Essay About Love

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In 2012, I was a thirty-one-year-old single parent to three amazing children. I was working at the local café to make ends meet, and getting our lives back on track was my main objective. I had gotten the job on a fluke and was working for a great people. Little did I know that that job, menial as it was would change the lives of my children and me in the best possible way. After a few months of working there, a 'kid ' started coming in to eat dinner every night after his shift ended at one of the local factories. One night, while in the kitchen I overheard him fuming about how all women were the same and all they wanted was money. Now, I was a woman that had been taken advantage of financially, verbally, and emotionally by a man in the not …show more content…
I can see how they would feel that way, but I believe that being truly loved by another plays a vital part in learning to love yourself. Bryan has shown me love, real love; he taught me how a man treats the woman he loves. Courtesy, respect, loyalty, honor, tenderness, kindness, communication; these are just some of the ways he reveals his love for me on a daily basis. Knowing that he loves me makes me feel safe and secure, in life as well as in love. It also gave me the confidence to love him unequivocally, and he deserves that kind of love. The confidence and support he provides have spilled over into every area of my life; I recently started working towards my bachelors degree. I have wanted to go back to school for many years, but I never thought I could do it, he has encouraged me to faith in myself.
Another way my husband has inspired me to be a better version of myself is by accepting me and showing me (not just telling me) that he is my partner in every sense of the word. He jumped right in and helped me unpack my baggage, all the feelings of worthlessness I had accumulated as well as the trust and control issues I possessed. He proved time and time again that I had nothing to fear from him, and that he was surely my partner. I know that my husband is always on my side, I don 't even question it anymore. If I am in the wrong, he still has my back, but he waits until we are alone to talk to me about

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