Reflective Essay On Cosmetology

Reflective essay
For me, this is my big shot for me. Being back in school focusing on college for the first time pursuing my passion and following my future dreams. By first finishing my trade school, cosmetology. Now, working towards successfully achieving my Associate of Arts degree. Right out of high school I went to cosmetology school, I had to finish 1800 state hours to fit the requirements of graduating. I finished my schooling with a big dream, which was getting my associates in business and running my own cosmetology business and having my own salon. Or also, having my own salon in my house where I could do anything from my cosmetology trade and work for myself, with the business degree I will achieve. I can very well make this happen if i can stay present on being motivated with my school work, keep up on my grades, and
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Whenever, i put time into studying i earn the grade i’ve been trying hard for. At the beginning of the semester i learned how my study happens need to happen. So i can be productive i will need to be in a quiet area focusing on what instruction my teacher gave me. So i can maintain the grades i want to achieve and accomplish. I’m a hands on person, i like to have things right in front of me explained well. I might have to put more effort into my work then a lot of other people do. But, it will help me pass all my classes and do well.
To me success in school means earning my associates degree within two years. If i can stay motivated with classes, watch my grade with also putting time in studying, and being present, that will make me successful and earn my degree. I don’t want to be getting lazy with my work if i’m ready for my class to be over. I want to make it to my second year and final year, and go get an excellent job with my cosmetology trade. Hopefully, my education towards my associates in business will be the first step towards achieving my

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