Reflections On Teaching And Learning Essay

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Reflections on Teaching & Learning:

Your Lesson Evaluation should include EACH of the following:

Decisions about the plan
• Why did you choose to use these specific teaching strategies?
I felt that an inquiry-based strategy would be beneficial to the students, because I wanted to allow them to make their own hypothesis and then conduct experiments making their own observations before providing them with information and details. This allowed them to make personal connections with what they learned from me to what they observed with their earthworms.
• Which parts worked and which didn’t? Why? How does this impact your next lesson?
I feel like this was a successful lesson. Every piece tied into another piece, creating a cohesive lesson. The students were extremely engaged throughout the entire lessons and seemed to learn a lot about earthworm as well as how they respond differently to different environments. The students couldn’t wait to share with me, their teacher, and peers what they were seeing and learning. I even had one little girl tell me at the end of the day that she loved the lesson because it made her think about things she never would have thought about.

Evaluation of Student Response and Learning
• How did the students respond to your lesson while you were teaching? Give specific examples.
The students were every engaged throughout the lesson. I used a nonfiction book and video to deliver the majority of the factual information for this lesson. During…

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