Reflections On Lesson Planning And Lesson Plan Essay

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Reflections on Lesson Planning

Lesson planning is definitely one of the toughest tasks that a teacher can undergo. This is a though that came to my mind after finishing my first real life lesson with kids. The fail or success of a lesson depends highly on the elaboration of a suitable lesson plan. Ever since my second semester in college, I have been challenged with the elaboration many kinds of lesson plans; some of them were very simple, others were very complex. However, this semester I underwent a different kind of challenge related to the elaboration of a lesson plan. This time, it was not the kind of lesson plan that represented a challenge; instead it was the fact that I had to implement it in a classroom.
Before this semester, I never really understood the importance of a well elaborated lesson plan was. I actually thought that some of its components were a waste of space in the lesson plan, an example of it, is the objectives. I never saw the point of writing the Objectives in both the lesson plan and the board. It was during the presentation of the lesson plan that I understood the importance of it. The Objectives on the board an in the lesson plan, help as reminders to both the teacher and the students of the real purpose of the lesson, when discussions were getting off track. I personally saw my host teacher look at the board several times when the students and/or she were getting off topic.
Other lesson plan’s component that I never comprehended quite well…

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