Reflections On Intro On College Writing Essay

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Reflections on Intro To College Writing

Writing has always been as key to the person I am today, I 've been writing sketch comedy and stand-up comedy for about six years, and recently I 've been working on writing music. I love writing because it is an umbrella term that cover so many different things, I learned from this class many of the things that writing can do. For example in the first text I read, Nick Walker introduced the idea of a “Neurodiveristy Paradigm Shift” I found this piece of text truly inspiring because it showed a minority that many people really never give the time of day. Walker was able to make an appeal that caught my attention and showed he was able to make a difference in the world just by writing. As I said before writing is an umbrella for many different ideologies and purposes and after taking Intro To College Writing I was introduced to ideas and movements that I never heard of till then. Such as the idea of “Mushfaking," Mushfaking was introduced in our third text which was “Mushfaking”: A Compensatory Behavior of Prisoners.” The text overall didn 't receive a very good reception from the class, but after further deeper reading I learned a lot about myself and our society. The basic concept of the text was to introduce a term that many people outside of the prisoner community wasn 't aware of and break it down so we could better understand it. After reading the text i realized that our American society has so many diverse subcultures, I…

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