Reflections Of Judgment Through Fiction Essay

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Reflections of Judgment Through Fiction When reading through various works of fiction, we sometimes come across material that almost speaks directly to us, or may even describe our current situation or feelings. Although the works are truly fictitious, the inspiration for these stories comes from deep within the mind of the author, who is human, and human emotions tend to bleed through fiction. This is how we can find a surreal connection to so many stories that never actually occurred. Some common threads between the short stories I have read are family, conflict, and judgment. Our lives and that of our families are filled with conflict and we all have been accused of judging unjustly, whether it is of others or possibly ourselves. The presentation of family, conflict, and judgment in works of fiction reflects those human elements within each of us. Each of the four stories we will be discussing has a major emphasis on family. There is a husband and wife in “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings,” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. A man deals with his father in “The Judgment”, by Franz Kafka. “Sonny’s Blues”, by James Baldwin revolves around two brothers, as does “The Rich Brother”, by Tobias Wolff. We have all had at least one person in our lives that we have called family. Family is a direct way for a reader to connect with a fictional story immediately. We can sometimes so closely connect to family in a fictional story that we no longer see the character as…

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