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From the establishment of the early settlers of America to the initial landscape of our country were key factors which lead the way to the foundation of America and its development is intriguing. The settlers set the tone, and as a result, shows how the America we know, came to exist. There were three major regions; the southern, the middle and the New England colonies which were created with huge fields or crops for farmers to gather during the season of harvest. This became one of America’s biggest sources of income initially. Every location created a monopoly with the resources they had by the understanding that the difference of creating something and making it into a creation spoke volumes. Every location began to grow with wealth …show more content…
With all the workers, it helped in the export goods to the other colonies that were unable to grow in harsh conditions which lead to the regions trading different goods.
Although slaves built the United States slaves, they unfortunately were not looked upon as humans, but merely property. Slaves were restricted to many things and were controlled in many of ways as if they were animals. When laws or a simple mistake were broke or made, brought about harsh punishment upon African Americans from Caucasians. Teaching to a slave was prohibited and sometimes the punishment meant death. Only person that was allowed to teach a slave was the slave master or an individual appointed by the slave master. Slaves would have to hide or teach themselves in private to gain knowledge. White supremacy made a law known as Slaveholders law that would be passed, that prohibited the teaching of slaves unless it would provide help on the plantation.
Although everything is going well with economics and trades, there was one problem, the day the nation became Revolutionary. With great events such as the Boston Tea party, American Revolutionary War, Abraham Lincoln, the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments as well as so much more, carved the layout on how America is created to this point as we know it now. I really understand where I came from and why society is created

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