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Business Ethics Reflection The relationship among virtue, values, and moral concepts in the dilemmas that one has to believe in and moral are the one I have acquired and believed in my family. These virtues, I have learned from church, my family, the military, and the community as I have grown to become adult. When faced with such dilemmas so one can know what is right, wrong, and righteous. Today in any business people can face ethical dilemmas. From day-to- day basic people or

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Doing the righteous thing was to perform his job duties to keep the line working as the company requires and showing that he missed some time at work. After the person showed up for work, I ask him why he wanted to put someone in that kind of position. Then I processed to explain to him that I could not cover his hour for that is considered lying and stealing from the company. That I could not jeopardize my job for him and my own personal values, ethics, or my family.

Stealing from the company would be morally wrong from both companies view and from my own personal value. I do believe in treating others as they treat me. But not at the expensive of my own believes and values.

By examining some of the external social pressures that influence business ethics in the problem. Where people are cheating on their paycheck by lying about what hours they work could be money used to buy update equipment that could make the company somewhat more profitable. In aspect this could keep people employed.

Provide I was faced with this dilemma or other one similar to this one. I would handle it the same way for I have values, morals, and virtues that I will follow throughout my life. Providing one follows what he or she believes is right then he or she should not have a problem but if it does not believe it is right then more than is not right. When, a person does the right thing than he or she should not have any problems no matter what
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