Reflection : Ways Of Knowing Essay

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Nursing is the profession that include self-determining decision while providing holistic care to each individual patient. During decision making nurses should be very careful in identifying the patient actual need and analyzing the effectiveness of the decision they made. Identifying the patients need and working to fulfil those needs effectively is very challenging. However, nurse’s sometime analyses the need of the patient but the problem is they lack the experiences, skills that needs to tackle with these situations. This process cannot be taught through the universities textbooks. It develops from the innate way of thinking for instance how nurses perceive the situations of patients. On the other hand, knowledge and technical skills are equally important in order to provide holistic care to patients. While working in cancer hospital of Nepal, I was assigned to care 54years old male patient who was suffering from stomach cancer. From my observation he seemed to be very depressed person and had lack of interaction. He was so depressed with all medical procedure and fear of dying that he almost ceases communications with family member as well. He was constantly admitted in hospital in every two to three weeks, I felt sympathy for him, I talked with him every day during monitoring the vitals and tried to console him. I told him, everyone in the hospital was suffering from similar situations. Hospital procedures is for the welfare of the patient.…

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