Reflection Walkthroughs

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Walkthroughs are an essential part of education. Usually preformed by administrators to gain understanding of individual teachers and their classes, walkthroughs hold valuable lessons for anyone in the education field. They showcase various teaching styles, classroom organizations, and learning projects. This week I had the privilege of observing three social studies classrooms at McCulloch Junior High School. Each room was different in structure and style, but each provided valuable insight into strong classroom dynamics, weaknesses, and the limitations of the walkthrough system. During the three walkthroughs, the classroom strengths and weaknesses were apparent. For example, the emphasis on knowledge creation vs. following directions featured …show more content…
Shipman used a similar strategy in her classroom. The day I observed, the students engaged in independent work creating a fordable of early American peoples. They read through their textbooks and recorded information on separate pages of a mini book they created. This initiated note taking skills and academic responsibility. It was an honours class, and the students worked well. This allowed for some personal assistance and supervision while keeping the class as a whole on task. There were also things that need improvement. The biggest issues I saw were focus and discipline issues. These may be different teaching styles and priorities, but students responded negatively to several strategies. This hindered their willingness to learn and investment in school. When I observed a seventh grade geography, I was dissatisfied with the classroom focus. The teacher presented an introduction to geographical terms. She was reading aloud to the students, which has its place, but the students were distracted and resented the assignment. In addition, the teacher was more focused on the format of the notes than their content. Several students worked ahead on the vocabulary notes but did not write the numbers on the proper side of the line. The teacher had them erase the entire definitions and start again. The students quickly gave up rather than face humiliation and more

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