Reflection: The Experience Of Being An Advanced Public Speaking

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I began this class with a modicum of trepidation, far outweighed by my excitement to take an advanced public speaking class. I excelled in and enjoyed my public speaking class during my freshman year, so I looked forward to the possible challenges and learning opportunities an advanced class would present. I knew I was an effective public speaker, but I wanted to continue to improve my abilities. After practically finishing this course, I can confidently call myself an advanced public speaker because of three key speaking strengths I possess, although I can still improve in a few areas of weakness.
The first key element of public speaking I have mastered is organization. Even in my basic public speaking class, my teacher always recognized
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Extemporaneous speaking, presenting from minimal notes because the speaker has the framework of the speech memorized without memorizing the exact words, is the method most instructors advise students to use (Beebe & Beebe, 2012, p. 241). This approach allows the speaker to sound natural and conversational. I use this approach in all of my presentations, memorizing the outline of the speech but keeping brief speaking notes with me to remind me of the exact wording. This allows my delivery to be engaging and …show more content…
Bumpers (n.d.) explains that “a rhetorical device is a use of language intended to have an effect on its audience.” Examples of rhetorical devices include simile and synecdoche. Prior to taking this class, I considered these oral flourishes superfluous and unnecessary. After listening to my professor talk about them, however, I now realize the degree to which they can improve a speech. Since learning about these, I have strived to include rhetorical devices in other speeches. An example of this comes from my job talk, in which I argued that my skills “will help me find further consumers who will be interested in what I say. And what I say will be knowledgeable because of my background in film and film studies” (Moss, 2015). This shows that I have continued to use rhetorical devices, in this case anadiplosis, in my other speeches, but I can still use more and thus improve my

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