Poverty Reflection

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What are some ways that teachers or directors adapt instruction or services appropriately for diverse students? What did you (or others) do to promote student success? Draw on your service reflections as you think about diverse learners as defined above. 3/4 – 1 page 25 pts. Possible
Figuring out how to make adjustments for your students can present as challenging sometimes, but how do you know how you make adjustments that would be the most beneficial for your students? Getting to know your students will help us as teachers be able to better make those adjustments. Such as knowing if a student has a learning disability will help you adjust your course curriculum and how you teach to better accommodate their learning needs. Granted that
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What did you learn about poverty from participating in the Poverty Simulation? Your response should explain something that you had not considered before, perhaps something that surprised you. How will this knowledge about poverty impact your work with students? What might you do differently because of what you now understand? Include references to Outliers content AND the Current Issues lesson.
From participating in the poverty simulation, I learned many things about poverty and how families live. Some of the things that were talked about I already knew, but it was helpful to remind me of some of the things that I have forgotten over time. I learned that families that live in poverty have a hard time making it on occasions. The group that I was in consisted of a mother, father, one child, and a grandmother who wasn’t able to take care of herself alone. From the family that I was in, we found it challenging to save money up each week, but we were able to find a little that we could save each week. In the end we still found it challenging with all the accommodations that we had to make just to make sure everyone was staying fed and healthy. Something that surprised me was that there were several other families that were barely scrapping by with what they were making and all the bills that they had to pay off. The choices that we had to make as a family unit weren’t as difficult as we had originally thought they would
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As an early childhood educator, this can typically be the time that the parents are discovering that their child may have a disability. Asperger Syndrome is a developmental disorder that is related to autism. As a teacher you need to know your student and what could set them off. Educating yourself is the first step in supporting students with Asperger’s. There are a totally of 6 steps in now you can effectively support your students. Also with working with children with disabilities you also need to know how to be able to work with the parents of that student. If you think that something could potentially be wrong with their child, bringing in a second opinion to view the student and assess them would be beneficial before going straight to the parent. Having a set plan for this student will also help us teachers better educate the students that might need that extra

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