When God Commands Hosea To Marry A Prostitute Analysis

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My reflection over the past four weeks that I learned the most about contained the following components:
The analogy where God commands Hosea to marry a prostitute to me is very vital. My reflection of this story illustrates that God has the power to utilize anyone so. Therefore, we do not have the ability to judge because we are unaware of the source or the reasoning behind someone else turmoil. It teaches me that although we all may encounter some adversity here on this side of the Earth our faith is everlasting and it should be geared towards God so he can lead and guide all in the right direction. Hosea was obedient without having a clear-cut understanding of why God made this request for him to marry the prostitute but his faith along
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Both of these women strived to have a baby and longed for God to bless them with a child. I found this to be interesting because I am due any day now. Nevertheless, these stories are composed of several unusual factors faith and trusting in the Lord to guide them. For example, Abraham was married to Sarah, and they each had to have faith that God would grant them their wish to have a child. God addressed Abraham first by stating that he would have a lot of children. He believed and continued his walk in faith. Then Sarah would follow by trusting in God, and soon she was blessed with a child. Sarah would give to a son named Isaac and she were filled with joy and laughter. Due to Abraham trusting and believing in God’s promise is the reason I feel them with a child although Sarah long to bear a child her faith was not as solid as her husband, Abraham. Hannah on the other hand problem consisted of she either could not have children; therefore she was mocked by Peninnah in regards to her lack of ability to have children. Hannah begins to fast and to pray as a means of offering up food unto God. This strategic effort was made in the form of a sacrifice in exchange to have a child, and God granted her request just as he did with Abraham and Sarah. My reflection of both of these stories involves a promise the first God promise Abraham and with Hannah she vowed which was the same to guarantee God she would

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