My Motivation Of Schoolwork

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When I was at home doing schoolwork, I was never super motivated to do my schoolwork, which isn 't really abnormal for a kid. I would always only do the least amount of work possible for me to get by. I mean, what kid wouldn 't want to do the least possible, to have more time to play or hangout with friends? My parent’s philosophy in educating all of my siblings, myself included, was to help us find what we really enjoyed doing, and what we were naturally drawn towards and then help us focus in on those things. In theory that teaching philosophy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, for me it was extremely problematic due to the fact that I didn 't know what I wanted to do, and I wasn 't drawn to anything in particular. As a result of this, …show more content…
He tried it all in college; everything from drinking to drugs, and as a result, his academics suffered. Because he was a Christian father he did not want any of his children to go to college just to party and make the same poor choices that he had made.
After I graduated high school, I started working full time. To clarify, when I say I “graduated” I mean that my 12 years of school came to an end, and I simply stopped doing schoolwork. There was no big senior year with my class. No graduation party. There was no ceremony with my class, no walking across a stage to get my diploma. No flipping of the tassel. I simply just stopped doing school.
After graduating, I started working full-time for a disaster restoration company. It was hard and gruelling, work which I didn 't mind at the time. But I knew that I couldn 't do that for the rest of my life. I knew there was something “more” for me. I knew that I wanted to find a way to work not only with my hands, but with my hands and my mind. The only answer to this that I could see, was going back to
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I wasn 't at the level of education that I needed to be, to begin college, as a result of not actively doing schoolwork for over 2 years. Additionally, I was probably never at an adequate level, due to my lack of college preparation throughout my time in school. To reach the point where I felt comfortable enough to begin school again I had some catching up to do, and that is exactly what I did. While working I started becoming more conscious of what interested me. I received some helpful advice from my boss; he told me about the skills he saw in me, and that I should consider engineering. I became conscious of saving money, and I started planning how I was going to pay for school. I kept this to myself until I knew that it was something I was going to do. When I started telling people that I was going back to school, the reactions that I got were extremely positive and only furthered my drive to make it happen.

Deciding to go back to school was one of the bravest decisions that I have had to make in my short life, it also has been one of the best. At times, the task of getting where I needed to be to go back to school seemed impossible, but I didn 't give up and all the work of getting where I needed to be for college paid off. I wanted to do something that was difficult and I dug deep and did it. Will

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