The Existence Of God In Pascal's Wager

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If one person claims something doesn’t exist and another person claims the same does exist, only one can be right. If one forms an opinion without diligent, accurate research, and that opinion turns out to be wrong, this erring of thought could have been avoided. If eternal life is lost due to erring thoughts, even though the eternal was not understood, then Pascal’s Wager would have seemed the logical option. If one stands up and states proof of God exists, perhaps this one should be heard.
I was never a writer; more of a thinker. After several online discussions with atheist online regarding God and His existence, I created a mental compilation of my actual beliefs, my tenets, if you will. These beliefs are the occurrence of many years of living, seeking, and asking/praying. Life is similar to receiving a huge data dump, you must search, sort, categorize and sometimes build new frameworks for
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These experiences contributed to building a faith inside that cannot be easily moved, if at all. I feel as though I have seen a mere glimpse into a blessed eternity. I feel that most people would want eternal salvation, but not all will receive due to not accepting the Lamb of God for who He is. I implore every one reading this to open up their heart to the Life Giving Spirit. Truth is evident by truth, this is where salvation begins. What is considered myth according to some, became a concrete fact for me. He has revealed himself to me in various ways in my Christian adventure. He has proved His existence to me. He is real; those who claim otherwise are wrong. They form their opinion using a limited data set. I may not be able to prove His existence to a disputing non-Believer, per se, but He (Jesus) is very able to prove Himself, and He has to many, if not to all of His

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