Reflection Paper

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Anna Pino
Dr. Fleischer
EDG 2701
27 March 2006

In-School Reflection Paper

For my service learning project I worked in Mrs. Evelyn Costa's first grade class at Meadowlane Elementary. Meadowlane is located at 4280 W 8th Avenue in Hialeah, Florida and was constructed in 1957. There are one thousand one hundred and seventy seven students enrolled at Meadowlane Elementary school. Meadowlane has fifty three classrooms and fourteen portables and there are one hundred and seventy nine students per grade level. The school was built on nine acres of land. The student population of meadowlane Elementary is comprised of 97% Hispanic, 2% White, and 1% Asian.
For my service learning project I worked in Mrs. Evelyn Costa's ESOL class. Mrs.
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What challenges has this presented to you? I have not any problems in the eight years I have been teaching. How does the school's curriculum incorporate multicultural issues? The reading books are very multicultural. I like the way the books introduce different cultures. The books present difficult issues in race and culture in a pleasant way. Do the textbooks the students use reflect diversity? Yes, there are many different cultures and races in the textbooks at Meadowlane. I like the fact that the students get to learn about other cultures other than the Cuban culture in Miami. When I first walked into Mrs. Costa's first grade class I felt tense and Uneasy. It was not because it was my first day observing at Meadowlane Elementary; it was because there were no warm and inviting decorations on the wall of the classroom. The classroom had no inspirational posters or kids drawings. The wall was just plain. I felt uneasy that the classroom had no decorations. I guess the teacher is a minimalist and she does not like to decorate the classroom. I asked her about it and she said that she did not have time to decorate her classroom. I asked her if I could her help her and she said no

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