Personal Narrative: I Believe In God The Father, Son And Holy Spirit

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I believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe that God is one divine nature with three divine persons. I believe that God created everything that surrounds us today and is the infinite starting force behind our universe. All of these statements have been made more true to me as this course comes to an end. I have always known God is real but, now I have the information form this course to know for sure. God exists and through learning many things in this course has change my respect for him in a positive way. This course has personally made me believe in my religion more than I ever did before. I believed in God and would go to church but, I often wonder what if God was not real? Something inside me wanted to understand a little more to prove to myself that God was truly real. …show more content…
I am not homophobic but it is a big deal in our society today. I was immensely interested in the fact of why the church looks at gay marriage as wrongful. I was always told that God hated gay people but I felt that was not true because God loves everyone. God does love everyone and it does not matter what gender you choose to love, God will love you no matter what. But, if you get married and are gay it is a sin because you cannot create new life which is part of the three things needed for a covenantal union to be right. The three things needed are covenantal bond, conjugal union, and total self-gift. When people of the same sex get married they cannot create new life so they are missing one of the three parts making it a negative and that is what makes their union sinful and looks wrong in the eyes of the church; not that God hates them for their choice in life partner. I know that this can be a very strong and sensitive topic but it made me learn and understand both sides of the situation. I do not think being gay is wrong however, I do see the churches side as valid for it being a

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