Personal Narrative: My Senior Year In Highschool

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My senior year in highschool was a really hard year as far as volleyball goes and it sucked the life out of my passion for the game. During club, I began to debate whether I really wanted to play in college or not which was hard because I have devoted so much of my time to this sport. I had always wanted nothing more than to play as long as I could. My sophomore and junior year in highschool I played on two club teams each year and I loved devoting my life volleyball. I know I’m not anywhere close to a superstar but I do know that I have drive and passion and more than anything I am not a quitter.

The beginning of this season was really hard for me because I had to reteach myself to be positive towards my future here including volleyball. I didn’t think I was going to stay past this
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There were times where varsity was a little isolated from the second team girls but I don't think it was on purpose I just think that comes with the hard season. They all were so nice and especially at the end of the season I felt everyone grown a lot closer no matter our grades and spots. The biggest reason I fell in love with volleyball again was the amazing team I have had around me all year. Everyone is so understanding and encouraging beyond what i've ever had before. The juniors were more like seniors to me this year but I also talked to them more. I think next year the team can really be special with the leadership and heart coming from varsity.

With my free time this semester my goal is to get to where running three miles doesn't make me want to jump off a bridge and get id also like to get abbs. My family is going through alot right now so I want to try to help out as much as I can there while still having a life here. I'm actually very excited to start lifting too. In spring I plan to just improve upon the foundation I layed this fall. I want to see where my skill can go now that I have my head on

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