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My Tutoring Experience Spring 2016 This was my first officially semester of tutoring here at Northland Pioneer College and it was a great experience. I was a Biology tutor and some the classes I tutored included Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology, General Biology. I also tutored over the distance system using the video models which was really nice I got to learn how to use the advanced equipment they use at our college. Through the EDU 101 class I was enrolled in I learned so much about communication, the learning environment, listening skills, learning and teaching, diversity and most of all tutoring. Tutoring has benefitted me in many ways including understanding biology and human anatomy so much more! The students I tutor would …show more content…
The first week or so was pretty lonely sitting in a classroom waiting for people to show up but finally they did! I definitely started out by getting to know them and being friendly. I had great students in my tutoring sessions they were all a lot of fun and happy to be there. I have taken the classes that I was tutoring so it was nice to help the other students get familiar with the classroom. I personally know can be overwhelming to walk in to a big classroom full of unfamiliar bones, models, and equipment but I enjoyed helping them get comfortable and learning from the classroom. I did tutor over the distance system and although it took a while it was nice to learn how to use the computer, camera and microphone. I got to use those new skills in the video classes I was enrolled in this semester when no one knew how to get it to work. Watching the students learn new skills and become independent went very well. I really enjoyed showing the students studying skills and techniques. Throughout my high school and college years it has taken me lots of trial and error methods to learn how to study and I’ve learned a lot. I applied that to tutoring because I wanted them to gain study habits outside of the college because it is so important! I showed them how to make mental maps, quizzes and my personal favorite flash cards. While the students were getting ready for their exam I saw some flashcards and it made me so happy. It was reassuring to hear their comments that I was helping them learn. In my human anatomy tutoring sessions we actually found some apps on our smart phone or tablets that had fantastic 3D models of the human body and body systems that was interactive and had quizzes and I believe we all benefitted from that. Overall this semester of tutoring went very well, I believe the most important part was helping the students gain the skills and knowledge they needed learn

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