Reflection Paper On The Writing Process

820 Words Apr 28th, 2016 4 Pages
In this semester, I succeed in finishing several assignments and some in-class writing. During the writing process, I learn a lot about these different kinds of writing formats and realize my own weakness. As for the four essays that I wrote: summary and response paper, rhetorical analysis, argumentative essay and reflection essay, I’d like to introduce my past English learning experience at first, then discuss each assignment individually and express my feelings and reflection.
When I was in middle school, at first, I didn’t like English composition, because I had to learn and memorize the numerous vocabulary and sentence patterns from the text book. What impressed me most was that my English teacher asked everyone to read and memory the articles and exam us once a week, which was actually a quite terrible experience. However, I felt proud and joy after finishing the essay every time. What’s more, as a collage student now, I firmly believe that the efforts that I made in the past make great contribution to my English level at present. My English level develops gradually with practicing and I can finish a big essay by my own with the information on the internet.
As far as I’m concerned, in this semester, the most difficult one for me to finish is the argumentative essay, then rhetorical analysis, summary and response paper follows and the easiest one is reflection essay. The reason why I rank the argumentative essay first is because I need to find out the…

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