Reflection Paper On The Workshop

729 Words Dec 8th, 2016 3 Pages
Just like my reflection journal, almost all of the workshops has taught me something to better my writing. One of the workshops that I will never forget is eliminating the “To Be words.” When Dr. Popham first told us about this life changing workshop, I honestly thought that she was exaggerating. However, when I left class that day I was wrong. I was amazed how eliminating words such as “is,” “was,” “be,” and “are” can truly transform my essay to a stronger and clearer writing. When Dr. Popham was explaining the reasons why we should take these words out I totally agree. When we did the exercise it truly showed how just taking off the word gives more power to the idea of the sentence. Ever since the workshop, in every essay I write both for this class and my other classes, I try to implement this rule. It truly was a life changing workshop I must say. This is important to me as a writer because I am now able to make my writing stronger and focus on the idea I want to convey. Another material that is a major contributor to my growth is my midterm portfolio letter and my partner, Kevin’s response. These letters were able to pin point my mistakes and success during my quest. In my midterm portfolio letter to my partner, I was able to assess my work and see which ones I need to revise before I turn in my final portfolio. It was also a good thing that my partner was able to write me a letter to see what I need to work on. Also, hearing another person’s view about my work…

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