Reflection Paper On The Village

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Reflection Paper on The Village (2004)
In the film, The Village, a primitive society of people is influenced by the legends told by the elders, resulting in their containment within the boundaries of the village. They are held there by their belief in the existence of the creatures said to live just beyond the village in the surrounding woods. This belief system follows many of the claims made by Durkheim, including his views on the presence and power of the supernatural or divine. The Village demonstrates that a community that holds the same beliefs and respect for those beliefs may maintain social stability, though the foundation of their system may be false.
Religion is characterized by its features and symbols associated with it. Durkheim viewed religion as a system, represented by these symbols and traditions. He felt that the purpose of religion was to help sustain social stability within a society. The customs held by the village people did exactly that, considering that their existence within the village was dependent on their belief system and the practice of it. In The Village, the elders manipulated the old legend that told of mysterious and potentially dangerous creature in the nearby woods. A pact was made between the village and these creatures to stay out of each other’s territories in order to maintain peace. This story and social-supernatural contract was a product of the elders. Durkheim claimed that religion similarly a product of society rather than an…

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