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Reflection Paper #3: Term Paper Review The author, Arjun Ganesan, introduces his term paper by explaining how impactful slavery was and its effects on the South and the people today. While reading this term paper, I expect to understand more clearly how the South changed the perspectives of people on slave narratives. The different viewpoints of both the North and the South could be seen through the paper. His thesis shows that through this term paper, he proves that the South considered the slave narratives written by the slaves, are untrue by the use of different types of propaganda. The difference between slave narratives and confederate romances is also shown through his writing.
Using this term paper. I was able to know that The slave narratives were very popular during the times it came out and got many positive reactions. These slave narratives brought forth much more abolitionist
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However Nichols believes that the slave narratives should also be taken into account rather than the other Southern writings that are untrue. This statement of Nichols is debated about by many who support the confederate romances and such. People like Harrington try to show that the South isn't a bad place and tries to contradict everything that Nichols believed in. Through much research, it can be understood that the slave narratives are reliable since the experience has made such a great effect on the slaves that they would remember. With this research and many others, they were able to confirm that the majority of the southerners were abusive while only some were kind and caring. Even though there are many who believe that slavery was damaging, others still believe that the South did nothing wrong. They made such an impact through their writing that it was hard for people to determine which was the true

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