Reflection Paper On The Hunting Ground

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Reflection Paper: The Hunting Grounds

When tasked with writing a reflection paper regarding sexual assault I will admit I was apprehensive at first. This topic is still very under publicized and socially is viewed as something that people tend to keep quiet about. It wasn’t until the film itself started playing that I knew I was in for an interesting experience. From the get go you could tell the film was scripted and directed very well, the editing in accompaniment made the film feel genuine and I can honestly say I connected with the stories throughout the film.
The film started out describing college, the importance of getting accepted, and how it impacts people’s lives. That is until the first girl states that during her first week of
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According to many sources during the film these cases are the hardest to pin-point and seek justice for many reasons. According to Willis North American Insurance in 2010, the second most common insurance claims on fraternities was sexual assault. Yet, the fact that the fraternity and athletics businesses are billion dollar industries, there is little that is done. The universities benefit immensely from fraternities and an athletics system. From alumni donations from fraternities to the millions of dollars a university pulls in from athletics, universities want to ensure this money keeps coming in. In one particular case from Florida State University, the film goes into detail on how Jameis Winston with the backing of the university managed to get his case dismissed and still go on to win a Heisman trophy and play for the NFL. All because of the power the industry has to ensure he does not see trial. As stated in the film, universities are trying to sell their university and keep their image as clean as possible. Clearly from the accounts from the film, universities are willing to go to great lengths to ensure their image is not …show more content…
As anyone would say, sexual assault is not okay by any means but I believe it goes being believing whether or not it is okay. It is whether or not you would take a stand if you saw it happening to stop it, it is whether you yourself would commit such an act, it is whether or not you see the effects that sexual assault has on its survivors. The concept of sexual assault goes much deeper than just understanding its wrong in my

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