Reflection Paper On The First Memory

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Amy 's autobiography

The first memory I have of elementary is in the first grade. I had to take that grade twice because I struggled with grasping academic concepts due to starting as a younger first grader with a late July birthday. Many years after that class my mom told me that one of my teachers said, “I would never make it into college because I was too much of a social butterfly.” The next memory I remembered is in second grade. I fractured my ankle playing tag. None of my teachers believed that it was a serious injury, because I got hurt a lot when I was younger. Later that day when my mom picked me up she saw my ankle was swollen and she took me to the hospital and found that I had a fractured ankle and was in a cast for seven weeks. At the start of fifth grade, I moved school districts from Cy-Fair to Klein fifth grade year. I went to Thesis Elementary. I started attending Doerre Intermediate School. I felt nervous entering the building of my first day of middle school. The first day I did not know what to expect and that is why I was nervous. At the beginning of the day in sixth grade, our teachers were in the gym and brought us to class, so we knew how to get to the classroom. In the school, I could not pick up a smell in the building. The school sounded loud because I felt lost it was hard to hear instructions with the crowds and lots of background noise. To get to school, my dad would drive me to school in a van. Occasionally he would drive me there in his…

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