Reflection Paper On The Classroom Experience

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In reflection of the observations done with this technique, I found this technique leaving me wanting more from the classroom experience. Based on the two observations I completed, both teachers used questioning techniques to draw students into the class but also to increase participation. The first observation that I did was in a 9th grade civics class. I focused my attention, as the technique states, on the teacher and student talk during the time I spent in the class. For the most part the teacher spent a majority of the time presenting information in a lecture style, but checked for participation and understandings of certain topics periodically. The teacher responded to student questions and statements in a timely manner and repeated directions when necessary. The issue I found with this technique is that I spent most of time worried about catching actual pieces of conversation verbatim and not actually paying attention to the class itself. I missed the subtle cues and interactions between the teacher and students, because I was busy writing things down. I would use this technique in this classroom observation but, in moderation if an instance presented itself. In my second observation, I took the time to observe a middle school teacher to see if the technique faired any better in a younger classroom. The class was English 8 and students were still preparing for the new school year. The teacher spent some time getting to know her students, which unfortunately led…

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