Reflection Paper On The Adjustment

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In the subsequent paragraphs I will discuss the adjustments I implemented in the above four essays from the duration of this course. I decided to revise the following Written Assignments 2, 4, 5, and 8 using the feedback from my mentor and what I have learned throughout this course.
The first essay I corrected was Written Assignment 2. This was probably my favorite assignment. It was so easy to write about my hometown and exciting to tell someone about everything I love back home. I received some very helpful notes to improve the piece and I hope that I was able to convey them in the finished essay. A few of the correction that I implied were missed hyphens in words like drive-thru, sit-down, wave-free, and must-visit. I have to admit I still struggle with hyphenation and I hope that I am improving on this front. Another correction I made was adding a few words here and there, things like and as well as using are instead of is. The last major change was revising and combining two sentences to avoid a fragment.
Secondly, I revised Written Assignment 4. I went into this piece thinking that it would be fairly easy but ended up making avoidable mistakes. I received a few more notes on this essay then I did the last. I began with some rewording to avoid repeated phrases that I did not notice the first time around. I corrected a misspelled word, class work to classwork. I reworded a sentence to reduce an exaggeration and cut an unnecessary sentence to avoid wordiness. I also…

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