Personal Narrative: A Career In Biomedical Sciences

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Time flies really fast. A few weeks ago, I was taken towards an inward journey. I was trying to find out my strengths, my weaknesses, came to know about many new things like blind spots, which I have never heard about nor even told by anyone. And now I am in the last week winding up my classes, doing final assignments for this semester.
A person can never measure what he/she has gained until unless it is put into practice. As I previously mentioned in my first assignment, I was not sure what I will get out of this course, but now I realize, what I have learned is much bigger than any technical course could ever teach me. From technical courses, I can learn how does the external world works, what can be done to make things easier, learning about
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I love working on antennas and learning about different technologies related to Radio Frequency and Electromagnetics. I would like to bridge the electromagnetics to biomedical sciences. Nowadays there is a strong emphasis on biomedical research to find the tools for early detection for the better prognosis. One such area is Microwave imaging of breast Cancer for early diagnosis. This will provide me contentment by making an impact on mankind to alleviate their sufferings. As my spouse is also a Researcher in biomedical sciences, it can also bring us together professionally and we both can learn from each other. I am passionate about the antennas. In the last semester, I had an opportunity to design an antenna for swarming drone as a part of the naval project. These man- made drones can help to gather information about different geographical areas, which can ultimately benefit the country’s defense system. I would like to work in a place where I am able to apply my technical knowledge which I have gained over the year so as to provide better solutions to benefit the humankind.
But my vision for life, my goals and finally to get to my sweet spot, cannot happen in one day. I feel that even my sweet spot could be an evolving process. I feel even to attain my sweet spot; it will require a great degree of discipline. I heard that “money can buy me anything but it can never buy time”. Time is very
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I shouldn’t make my life miserable. I have to learn how to handle things using optimistic approach. I have realized that every small thing affects me whether it is a simple numerical problem or a fight with my spouse. It becomes difficult for me to move onto the next thing, which hinders my overall progress and takes me 10 steps back from my goal. But I have to work on it. Life is given once and It solely depends on me to make it a heaven or hell. Mental agony is more horrible than physical pain and it is our own creation. I have started practicing self-talking, where I tell myself whenever I feel down, to not get lost into the whirlpool of negative thoughts. I am actively practicing to stay aware of my sub-consciousness. I am taking constant feedback from friends and family about myself. I am thankful to all who are helping me to become a better human being. I was not open to criticism, but now I take it positively for my betterment. There is a pattern of thinking which is ingrained in my personality, but by staying vigilant and with constant practice, I can address these shortcomings, thus reaching my goal of being in bliss and to stay

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