Reflection Paper On Self Reflection

1045 Words Apr 29th, 2016 null Page
There are many self-Reflection could be thought of good things but maybe bad things. Are always things that need to be worked on when you are in school, and life in general? In school, you have to reflect on the many things that were done good and bad throughout the school year. I am going to speak of the things that I needed to do better. One of those being making better use of my planner, for a reason like a planner could help you when you are doing work and trying to figure out what your homework is. Another aspect that I think I should have done better this year was writing my essays. I never realize that next year I will be having to write tons of essays but on top of the essay writing I will need to do research. The final thing I should have tried to improve this year was improving my reading comprehension. A lot of the time I would just wait for Mr. McGee to explain what was going on in the story instead of figuring it out myself. Self-Reflecting is not always an easy task because you have to pick out the things that you weren 't good at, and lots of times that isn 't any fun.

First, thing I needed to try and use my planner in a better, more productive way. My planner could have been used as an asset for deadlines and things that I know I needed to get done, but instead of using it for good, I just let it sit in my backpack or locker without really ever looking at it. People who act and use their planners seemed to know what was going on and what work needed…

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