Reflection Paper On Self Motivation

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Every single one of my scores from column 1 to 2 went down. I think this happened because I wasn’t being honest with my self and was thinking I was better then I actually was. I also think that I thought I had nothing to learn about myself. Also I might have not taken the scoring as serious as I did now. When it came to the self-motivation I was obviously not thinking correctly because at the beginning of the semester I had ZERO self-motivation, but taking this class and my other classes taught me that I have to start motivating myself or I will never get anything done. Another one where I wasn’t thinking was with the believing in myself I got a score of 65 the first time and then the 2nd I got a 41. It’s hard for me to believe in my self because this first year of college is a huge change from high school, sometimes I think maybe I’m not smart enough for college, but I’ve been trying to not think like that because I know I need to get my college education. What I most improved from my then scores to my now scores is believing in myself. As I said before when I first started college it was really hard for me and still I think it may be to difficult, but I am not going to let my freshman year of college be my only year. I’ve changed so much in just a few short months. I’m starting to believe more in myself and think hey maybe I can actually do this. The second one I improved in the most was gaining self-awareness. Before I took this class I wasn’t really sure…

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