How To Write A Reflective Essay

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Seeing My Reflection
I am going to reflect over my progress made this semester caused by writing a narrative, visual analysis, and argumentative essays. I think I have changed a great amount for the better, especially, when it comes to the way I start and finish a paper. The only progress that hasn’t been made is the way I view myself as a writer.
The change I see started in college because in high school I didn’t write much. What, I started at the beginning of the semester is the same way I am doing it now. I have progress in my drafting because I now see the value in it. In high school I did not draft, at least on my own accord. If and only if a teacher required me to draft would I, however, on my own I would write it all down, maybe read it over, fix it, type it up and turn it in the next day. Now, I write it on paper, fix it, type it up, fix any mistakes I see, clean it up again before and after my peer review and look it over one more
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I also don’t waste my time and have more confidence in my writing process.
Depending o which essay my purpose for writing changed. When I wrote the narrative, it was communicator because I was bias, wrote about myself and how I felt about the topic. When I wrote the analysis and argumentative papers, my purpose was the text because any comments had to be unbiased unless asked otherwise. The papers were about the text or cartoon and what it meant as a whole. When it come to rhetorical situations it depends on what type of essay you are writing. My first paper taught me the most because it was the first real paper I had did own my own without my teacher being over my shoulder. It taught me what methods are good and bad for me to use for the rest of the semester. It taught me to work on the paper longer, what my writing process is, peer review is valuable and being able to write freely helps and the grade I got on this

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