Reflection Paper On Satire And Satire

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Final Reflection Paper When I just got the letter in the mail saying I have been assigned to the class “The Road to Satire” I was very skeptical because I was unsure of what satire really was and what this class would hold. We only briefly discussed it in my AP Language Class, and what we did discuss I had no idea what is was about. All I really knew about satire is that authors use satire to discuss real world problems in a ironic, exaggerated, or funny way. However, after just sitting through one class on the second day of this program, I quickly realized that this class would very educational to me. I knew I would have to quickly get used to a lot of reading every night and having to write papers in one night. But even so, I still knew I would be learning a lot and I got very excited about this class soon thereafter. And now as we embark on the end of the journey, I am so much more educated in the use of satire than I ever thought I would be. I now know why satire matters. I expected this class to be a very boring and un-educational class because why would someone ever want to teach a class based solely on satire? I then realized, that satire is a very important part of society. Satire is used to shine light on real world problems in a entertaining way. The overall purpose is to make some kind of moral or political change in society through the use of humor. As we learned at the beginning of the class, satire is rhetorical. Rhetoric is used to analyze and persuade and…

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