Reflection Paper On Public Speaking

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Reflection 1 Essay In public speaking, and/or speaking in front of people in general I have strength’s and I have weaknesses. I am taking this class not only because it is required but because I am hoping it will help me in the long run. I have trouble with tons of things when in front of people, but I also excel when I am forced to present in front of people in ways. I hope this class will challenge me and make me grow, but not stress me out to the max. One of my weaknesses is talking way too fast when I am nervous. I can’t help it, and I always do it. One time we had to read a paper we wrote in my seventh grade class out loud. Normally I would be fine, but this was my first year in honors and everyone else seemed smarter than me and would call me dumb. That’s one of the reasons I won’t take honor classes anymore. I got up and talked to so fast no one knew what I said, but they also couldn’t understand what I said to make fun of me. I’d like to work on that in this class. I think breathing from my diaphragm would help me control that. If I have to take time to breathe and think about breathing, I won’t have time to go so fast. I will have calm breathes and not be so nervous, or at least appear to be. Ever since I was in kindergarden I have been in speech therapy classes. I had to stop taking them when I moved to Mitchell County Schools in fourth grade, seeing they don’t offer them or at least the kind I needed. By that point in time I had mostly gotten my speech…

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