Reflection Paper On Practicum 2

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Practicum 1 was done at a center called Creative School, in Durham North Carolina. The school had one NC pre-K room and one certified teacher name Ms. Jules. The interview took place May 25,2017 at 8:50am and the observation started at 9: 00am.The classroom felt inviting and child centered. The purpose of this practicum is to gain a visual presence of a physical classroom environment, understand cooperative learning, technology use, student learning, and assessments.
I entered Ms. Jules classroom at 8:45am, she was present getting ready for the start of a new day. When I entered the classroom I walked around and observed the learning environment, it resembled a classroom that catered to the learning needs of all children. The room was spacious and the shelfs was eye level to the children. The classroom and centers were also a great size, which would be beneficial for a child who uses a wheel chair. As I entered the classroom the first centers observed were the technology, music and reading center. Each center was labeled in English and Spanish. The room displayed the student’s art work. Ms. Jules called her students art work master pieces of learning.
Ms. Jules and I began our interview at 8:50am. I started our conversation by getting to know here. Ms. Jules graduated from university of East Carolina
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Therefore, as they arrived I decided to finish my observation of the classroom materials. I also had the opportunity to observe Ms. Jules interaction with students and family members. The materials in the classroom were neatly placed in bins on the shelfs. The science center displayed a classroom picture, that shows the students in a pictures with a lot of birds. As an observer the first thing that came to mind is Ms. Jules had an expert bird person come and engage her students in learning about birds. Which would’ve increased student’s vocabulary, knowledge, and scientific

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