Early Childhood Education Observation Paper

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Practicum 1 was done at a center called Creative School, in Durham North Carolina. The school had one NC pre-K room and one certified teacher name Ms. Jules. The interview took place May 25,2017 at 8:50am and the observation started at 9: 00am.The classroom felt inviting and child centered. The purpose of this practicum is to gain a visual presence of a physical classroom environment, understand cooperative learning, technology use, student learning, and assessments.
I entered Ms. Jules classroom at 8:45am, she was present getting ready for the start of a new day. When I entered the classroom I walked around and observed the learning environment, it resembled a classroom that catered to the learning needs of all children. The room was spacious and the shelfs was eye level to the children. The classroom and centers were also a great size, which would be beneficial for a child who uses a wheel chair. As I entered the classroom the first centers observed
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Jules had stated that she uses the creative curriculum teaching gold to assist her with observations. Children artwork, pictures of activities, and conference notes are all in a notebook that will go home at the end of the year. The portfolio shows the student’s progress from the begging to the end of the year. Her assessments are done quarterly and she provides conferences after each assessment. She really values keeping her students and family involved in the classroom. The observation provided me with a lot of new information pertaining to a NC pre-k classroom. Ms. Jules is an exceptional teacher who provides high expectations for her students. Her students seem excited about coming to school to learn, and how she involves the community in her classroom. I was blown away with birds coming to visit the classroom. After observing her classroom, I do feel she provides her students with a learning center environment, that offers exceptional academics, independence, and

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