Reflection Paper On Personality

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Throughout my life I would say my personality has changed a lot. As a child I was mischievous, disobedient, mean and a liar. But as I grew up my personality changed drastically I was no longer disobedient but a kind, caring, and loyal and adventurous person. Even the teachers that knew me from kindergarten noticed that I was different then when I started out at my school. Though I may feel that I posses great qualities my peers may feel differently about my personality. The only way to accurately assess my personality is to test it using the right tools. These test use different approaches to measure different aspects of my personality to get an accurate result. Taking these test have helped me better understand what my personality is and what …show more content…
My scores in extraversion were average. This indicates that I am neither a loner nor a chatterbox. I found no discrepancy in this portion of the test I couldn’t describe myself any better. I enjoy time with others and also enjoy time alone. In agreeableness I scored very high I value getting along with others. My highness in agreeableness shows that I have a strong interest in others needs and well-being. I am pleasant, sympathetic and cooperative. In conscientiousness my scores were average meaning I’m reasonably reliable, organized and self-controlled. There was a slight discrepancy in this because I am not an organized person at all but im not a complete slob. It also said that I am very cautious I think about the decisions I make before I make them.
In neuroticism my is low I am exceptionally calm, composed and unflappable. I don’t react with strong emotions even in stressful situations. I feel that this is accurate but I have tendency to suppress my feelings and they build up and I eventually implode them on someone. Openness to experience describes imaginative, creative, intellectually curious people. It displayed that others describe me as down to earth, practical and conservative. The thing I liked most about this section was that I scored 71 on adventuresses. I always describe myself as an adventuress when meeting new

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