Reflection Paper On My Work

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My Work Paper

SImply speaking, my work looks like a combination of material consideration, modern iterations of historical motifs, utility, and original inspiration. My objects are made, predominantly, out of wood with occasional use of metal and plastic.
Traditionally speaking my objects are a product of a fluid process. I have an idea in mind when I start, I look at images or have a moment of imagination that is the impetus, then I make sketches. As I work, the limitations of the material, shop, my skills, and the design permeate the process and change slowly occurs. As my skills grow, my objects become more and more accurate as it relates to the technical drawing. The materials I have used in the past have been, almost exclusively,
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I love thinking about how my objects will live and what types of experiences they will see. So, from a content standpoint I focus on simple formal concepts, paired with a mindfulness of quality and, ultimately, high function. I want my objects to be dynamic, but not weighed down. I like them to be exactly what they need to be, from a function perspective, nothing more, nothing less. I like to think that my hand and aesthetic choices will reside in the peripheral rather than in the forefront. I want the object to be obvious in its utility and through close observation communicate my love and confidence. I think the function, history, material, and utility should come first and my hand, aesthetic design choices, and expression …show more content…
My past experiences are so varied that even I get lost when considering my own identity, but, as I am thinking about writing a thesis and asking much more pointed questions and demanding concreteness. I have found the answer I keep coming to is, I want to make simple things, things that allow myself a reprieve from the complexities of my inner emotional, intellectual, and relational realities. I like that, as humans, we have been given a remarkably simple set of shapes, or functions that are the foundation for everything we have achieved. And by simple I mean line, square, triangle, and circle. We have parlayed these tiny gifts into complex successes, societies, relationships, and achievements. Behind it all are these simple realities, I like to relate how these work to the simplicities of human interaction both inner and outer. Love, family, friendship, struggle are experiences we can all relate to. I think the objects that reside in the peripheral can heighten or lessen each of these human experiences and I strive to make things that strengthen these bonds each of us live with each day. I want people to love a little more, hate a little more, talk a little more, and be silent a little more. And when I say a little more I mean it in a qualitative sense, not quantitative. The simplicity of my work is for my own well being and making

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