Reflection Paper On My Life

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To adequately answer the questions I’m going to go through my life in increments of five years with how I acted and thought, and I will go into detail of the important people in every five years and how they changed me. From ages zero to five I was the rowdiest and happiest little kid you would ever meet. I loved everyone and I wanted to make everyone smile. My mom says that I was always saying, “watch me daddy watch me” to my dad over every little thing I thought he might be interested in. Other than my parents who I will talk about later, two very important people changed me in these early years. They helped me form attributes that I still have today. They are my little brother and little sister. With my little brother coming two years after me I became I little leader. I wanted him to do everything I liked, the good thing was he liked that too and would follow me around like a lost puppy. This instilled leadership in me from a very early age. Then my little sister came when I was four and my little brother did not like this at all. He didn’t like competing for her attention, thus they would fight as little kids and he would annoy her until she cried very often. My dad always told me to protect my sister at all costs. So I would hit my brother when he bothered her. This is still in me today as I am a very protective person over any woman or girl I am close to in my life, this is almost to a fault. My mom told me this is because of the birth order so I looked it up and this…

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