Reflection Paper On My Experience

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Looking back over my notes and reflection journals, it is clear that my experience in FAML 160 was profoundly affected by the fact that I took FDREL 200 (The Eternal Family) during the same semester. The top ten things that I want to remember are a combination of things I learned and felt through both classes.
1- I want to remember the goal I set at the beginning of the semester to continue to work on the five things the Bishop challenged each family in our ward to do this year; which are to have daily personal and family prayer, to have daily personal and family scripture study, to have weekly Family Home Evening, to attend the Temple regularly, and to never miss a Sacrament Meeting. I also set a goal to spend more one-on-one time with my family members. I want to remember this because it benefited and strengthened my family and I plan to continue doing these things.
2- I want to remember to share the joyful moments of motherhood with others, especially Alaysha. This idea was developed on the discussion boards for lesson one as we discussed how to defend families and therefore our Father’s plan for us. I want my daughter and others to see the joy that my family brings into my life.
3- I want to remember how I felt as I watched the video “Tammy’s Story.” I felt like she was missing hope in her life. This feeling contrasted sharply with the words of Living Prophets and Apostles during General Conference the same week. I want to remember President Nelson’s call to action…

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