Reflection Paper On Mindfulness Is Increasing There Still Isn 't A Lot Of Information

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Even though research about mindfulness is increasing there still isn’t a lot of information on this issue and most of what I found talks about it in a general way. But fortunately there were some scholarly articles that touched base on this problem in a direct way, so by using them I am going to provide an in depth analysis of the problem, as well as using this review to come up with questions or hypothesis that will later on serve as way of giving out suggestions for the improvement of the internal communication of the County Executive’s Office through mindfulness.
To begin, I’m going to define mindfulness in order to help you getting familiarized with the word and its relation to workplace relationships. According to Rosch mindfulness is “A simple mental factor that can be present or absent in a moment of consciousness. It means to adhere, in that moment, to the object of consciousness with a clear mental focus”. This shows that when one is being mindful, the person next to us feels appreciated and also feels that he or she is being listened.
According to Gerstner, the way in which leaders apply their leadership skills has a huge influence on how their employees act, behave and how they feel in the workplace. (1997) However, it is also important to understand how those practices impact employees. Certain number of researchers and authors have started writing about the benefits that come from having a mindful leader in the workplace. These benefits result on a positive…

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