Reflection Paper On Mig Welding

1892 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 null Page
In this paper you will learn about several different things. All of the stuff you read in this paper is all about MIG welding. I am going to tell you what MIG welding is. Then describe how MIG welding has evolved from back then to now. Then teach you some MIG welding positions and techniques. Finally, I am going to go over the MIG welding safety. Some people ask what is MIG welding? Well I’m going to explain to you what MIG welding is. MIG welding is the process of combining two pieces of metal together into one piece. MIG welding is commonly known as Gas Metal Arc Welding or GMAW. MIG welding produces an electric arc between the filler wire and the pieces of metal. The electric arc heats the two metals, creating a puddle known as a weld puddle (Weld guru). With that puddle you will penetrate through both pieces of metal so that they won’t come apart. After creating a weld puddle you can just drag the MIG gun in a straight line. There are a few different techniques you can use while MIG welding. You can do circles in the puddle or you can go back and forth with the MIG gun. To make sure your weld is going to look good you have to check everything on the welder. If you don’t have your wire speed and heat set right, or it is not going to weld correctly for you. If you have your heat and temperature set right and if it still doesn’t look good then, there is only one other thing you can check. The last thing to check is your gas on your MIG welder. The welder could either be…

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