Reflective Essay On Christian Mentoring

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I chose to write about the Christian discipline of mentoring because of its importance. Jesus said “Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all nations,” Mark 28:19 Christian discipling is mentoring people young and old about the gospel and teaching them how to live above reproach. Mentoring is the main way that people of all classes come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ whether it is a pastor doing the mentoring or a ley person.

Summarise your original understanding of the discipline before the course started
My understanding of mentoring before the course started was not as in-depth as it is now. Our pastor has been mentoring myself and and my wife during the course. We have been given a great deal of literature on mentoring
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Sermons are a great way to mentor to a lot of people at one time. When the sermons message is revealed over many weeks, a great deal of wisdom is communicated about one subject .The pastor is able to mentor without interruption of any kind when delivering a sermon, which makes for very affective training. The Church congregation fellowships after the sermon. The whole body of believers can discuss the teachings together.

Reflection on original ideas
My ideas have changed from what I originally perceived mentoring to consist of. With research and resources I have discovered that mentoring can be done with more than one person and that there are many mentoring programs going on through the Christian Church and outside of it. Mentoring Christian discipline for reaching lost humanity regardless of their age, race or gender.

Encouraging the practise of this discipline With mentoring many mentees go on to become mentors themselves because of the substantial impact of being mentored had on their lives. When mentoring someone the very act of spending time with them and teaching them that God wants us to make disciples encourages them to pass on wisdom to others. My senior Pastor encourages men to “get alongside each other”. Mentoring is not really an option for me as I have children, so mentoring Christianity to my kids and life skills is something I do daily as well as with

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