Reflection Paper On ' Loneliness ' By Joyce Oates

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Boredom Essay Reflection
Before I had come to college and taken our Bored to Tears writing class, I really hadn’t thought deeply about boredom and searched into the depths of its meaning. To me boredom normally meant a person was lazy and unproductive or stuck in a boring situation, such as the science fair. The writing tools, class discussions, passages, and books that we read in class opened my mind to the world of boredom in a new light and allowed me improve my skills as a reader and a writer.
The first time I read Where Are You Going Where Have You Been, I was overtaken by surprise. Joyce Oates gave boredom a dangerous name in the fictional life of a teenage girl. The way I approached this piece of fiction was to read through it and take note of anything important or interesting I read. Next I reread it to look at the hidden meanings and find details in the text that are meaningful to the purpose of the story that I may have missed the first time. This is an important lesson for reading all fiction. Novels or fictional stories are not written like a straightforward essay that clearly describes the purpose, the argument, and the moral to be learned. As readers we should try to discover what the author is trying to say. It can help to break up the passage with ethos, pathos, and logos, which is explained on page 73 of the DK Handbook. Other readings allowed to learn different techniques and approaches.
After reading The Yellow Wallpaper and Boredom: A Literary History of…

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